Sunday, May 11, 2003



Soy arrepentido

Je suis désolé

Ich bin erbärmlich

أنا آسف

Sono dolente

Ik ben droevig

Sentiinto muito


Yes, yes, this page has been kind of sketchy for the past few days. I foolishly decided to be responsible and test the code though this online validation thingy; only to discover what you guys undoubtly noticed right off; i.e. that this page is frelled. So I got it into my head to fix the numerous errors myself with no professional, much less sane, help. After two days of re-write after re-write I'm declaring this blog to be offically "good enough, for me, thank you very much".

Of course, a not even cursory glance will prove that the thing is still, uhm shall we say, unstable; but I'm on the verge of nervous collapse. This is not an exaggeration. I've developed a rash, probably an allergic reaction to Dreamweaver MX, and the shakes. Well, in truth, the twitching probably has more to do with all that coffee, tea, soda...

The weekend was not, however, an entire loss. Unearthed were several sites quite serviceable to all us recovering emotidorks. "What's an emotidork?, I hear you say. Chances are that if you aren't one, you know one.

Item: emo·ti·dork
Pronunciation: i-'mO-ti-'dork
Function: noun
Etymology: emotion + dork, coined by frustrated newbie
Related terms: cyber impaired, technologically disadvantaged; also a pictoral represention of a facial expression or emotion which conveys tones or attitudes frequently exhibited by inept pc users

Excerpt taken from The Concise GUABANCEX Dictionary, copyright 2002

How does one identify such a specimen? It's easy. Do you, or someone you know, think that RAM refers to a lawnmower on hooves, that JAVASCRIPT is the working title of a screenplay dealing with the perils of caffeine addiction, or that rebooting requires a cobbler? Then congratulations you've located a superlative subject!

Fortunately, emotidorks respond well to tutelage. Here are some links to help:

Call For Help
HTML Code Tutorial

Oh, and incidentally, this is the second time I've attempted this post. The first time around I deleted the entire thing accidentally. "Back up copy?" " What means, back up copy?"

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