Thursday, May 08, 2003


And now from the 'Did we really need to know that?' files, the following:

Biscuits the key to business personalities

Businessmen and women give away their personality every time they bite into a biscuit, according to new research.

Psychologist Gladeana McMahon studied the behaviour of boardroom members and how their choice of biscuit reveals character traits and approaches to work.

She says a Jaffa Cake shows someone who is creative and imaginative, while a traditional custard cream indicates reliability.

"The biscuits they choose, the number they eat, and whether they stick to the same biscuit all say something about the people themselves," she said.

"Take one biscuit and you are seen as conformist, two biscuits shows confidence, and three or more looks overly competitive or aggressive.

"Anyone deliberately taking the chief executive's favourite biscuit is seen as making an indirect challenge."

The person who picks a luxury Boaster is likely to be the chief executive or chairman who will be an effective decision-maker with a high business acumen and sound judgment.

A Hob Nob indicates someone who is dynamic and thrives under pressure. It is likely to be picked by the busy networking sales director who is drawn to its name.

The Rich Tea will be chosen by someone sober, strategic and discerning who sees all the options and helps the team make balanced decisions.

Digestives are the favourite of technical specialists or financial experts who are logical types seeking precision and accuracy.

Traditional shortbread shows someone who makes sure the team is protected from mistakes and problems. Eaten almost whole, this is the biscuit for those who like action.

The study was carried out on behalf of United Biscuits

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