Sunday, May 18, 2003


I made reference a couple of days ago to the word 'emotidorks'. Since then I been pestered by visitors who insist on emailing me directly demanding that I explain myself. Here's the definition again:

Item: emo·ti·dork
Pronunciation: i-'mO-ti-'dork
Function: noun
Etymology: emotion + dork, coined by frustrated newbie
Related terms: cyber impaired, technologically disadvantaged; also a pictoral represention of a facial expression or emotion which conveys tones or attitudes frequently exhibited by inept pc users

Excerpt taken from The Concise GUABANCEX Dictionary, copyright 2002

A few of you seemed interested in the extreme with my providing illustrative examples of emotidork behaviour. So, if you answer the following questions in the affirmative then you too may be an emotidork.

Do you think that RAM refers to a lawnmower on hooves?

Does rebooting require a cobbler of no less than 5 years experience?

Is MIME correctly defined as an annoying francophone street performer?

Are you of the opinion that JAVASCRIPT is the working title of a screenplay dealing with the perils of caffeine addiction?

Now that I cleared that up, go buy my crap.

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