Saturday, November 01, 2003

2007 Cricket World Cup stays in Caribbean

...and I'd like to give a shout out to my man Mike... Sorry,that was annoying, I'm no good at the 'black' thing.

Anyway,the ICC has spoken, the tourney will be held here, but the region has been put on a short leash. Concerns over the ability of the WICB to sucessfully mount the 2007 competion had resulted in serious talks in Barbados this week; fueling fears that it would be yanked and handed over to the Aussies.

ICC President Ehsan Mani Friday announced during a press conference that "The ICC CWC 2007 will be hosted in the West Indies, but this is a partnership between the ICC and the West Indies, so we are going to be involved in the whole process,". Mani further stated that there was absolutely no truth to the reports in the Australian press that the ICC was looking to Cricket Australia to take up the slack.

The Windies have in the past brushed off the anxious mutterings, promising an "unforgettable" sporting event. That's what we're all afraid of. Sure it was kind of tacky the way the Aussies seemed to pounce on our misfortunes but the concerns are real. The logistical issues are for the most part resultant of the nature of the Caribbean, which amounts to a sprawling region of poor independent island states. Time is running short and no one is at all sure how all that island-hopping is going to be co-ordinated, nor where the money is going to come from for the re-furbishment of aging facilities.

But nevermind all of that, the ICC-WICB deal gets inked next week.


Oh brother...

One Varsha Kale has announced the formation of India's first ever womenist party. Yup, you read right. The Womanist Party of India is for ladies, er female homosapiens only.


Freebie what?

I'm begining to despair for mankind. No less than 3000 men have signed up for free penis enlargement surgeries being offered over the internet. Humpf, the idea makes even me a tad apprehensive.

And in related news, a run on breast enlargements leads to a shortage of silicon in Brazil.


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