Friday, November 28, 2003


Woman uses bag of mussels to fight off a crocodile during attack.



German ciggy thief gets caught with 177 packs of smokes stashed in his pants.



Confessed German cannibal, Arnim Meiwes, is to write his memoirs in an attempt to deter others "who have similar instincts". Meiwes is to face trial for the murder of the Berliner who volunteered for the adventure. Read more...Caution, grisly details.



Judge hears cases while under the influence. Judge Leena Pettinen of Finland claims the breathalizer got it wrong 'cause she forgot to brush.



Noted commentator and analyst, Tony Cozier has finally articulated what many West Indies Cricket fans have long since surmised. Reporting on the ongoing Zimbabwe debacle err tour, Cozier speaks to team Captain Brian Lara's growing disgust over the current state of affairs.

Referring to recent losses to the Zimbabwe side he said, "A display like the one we gave yesterday is far below what we expect to deliver even on our worst day...It was nothing near what I expected from our team that should be going into top gear with all the tough cricket we have ahead of us." Tough cricket? Well, next up for the Windies is a four test, five ODI stretch against none other than South Africa, ranked second in the world, for which they are painfully ill prepared.

Wavell Hinds

Lara has, of recent, been criticised for his unconventional captaincy style, including frequent bowling and fielding changes. Lara in not however the problem. His persistent itch to fiddle on the field is more than likely the result of his awareness that all is far from right. He takes it all personally. He wants to win. He feels obliged to try something, anything, if it will rouse his team from it's near perpetual lethargy.

Let's all take a huge dose of honesty, the batting side, which on paper should be formidable, is peopled with tempermental, irresponsible personalities; who can only be expected to put in a presentable knock when the mood catches them unawares. The solution? It's been suggested that there be four fast bowlers to offset the spotty batting. Ludicrous. Four men should not have to carry the weight of eleven. In any event, the problem has never been a lack of talent. The Caribbean has talented cricketers in spades. It is, rather, a shafty attitude based on a presumption that just raw talent is enough to win matches irrespective of the empirical evidence. A point of view which is not, incidentally, shared by any other world class team.

5 Ninjas, 1 Kitten and a Fifth of Vodka!