Wednesday, November 19, 2003


How not to get fired because you blog at work.
The fine art of stealth blogging.

"Do you blog at work? Do you check your referrer logs and surf the blogosphere all day from your office? Do you think it might be funny to mock your co-workers publicly, or that it could be a good idea to post photos of sensitive corporate information on your blog?...Fret not gentle blogger, we’ve put together this document to help you keep those paychecks rolling in."
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Cliff's Notes:

  • When posting pics, choose captions with discrimination

  • "Public" means public.

  • Be sneaky, change the date and time of your posts to re-inforce the illusion that you are a conscientious employee.

  • Modify your corporation's world view through dissemination of The Cluetrain Manifesto.

That was nice of them, don't you think? But maybe I can do better. Here goes... How to not get fired because you blog at work. Step One: Don't blog at work!



St. Louis man loses battle with pay phone over 50 cents.

"Emergency room doctors gave Emanuel Fleming a painkiller Monday and pried his middle finger loose using a wooden device and lubricant, ending the three-hour ordeal."


BLOG WITH PURPOSE - for a change

Regular readers, don't laugh it's rude, will know that this blog rarely if ever mounts the soap box. Well, come Dec 1st this blog is going to be involved in something useful for a change, you might want to join too.

Monday, December 1, 2003 is World AIDS Day. In observance, the personal web publishing community is being encouraged to "help spread information about the disease, its treatment, those we have lost and those who survive".

To participate, visit World AIDS Day: Link and Think.

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