Sunday, November 16, 2003


Let's hear it for non-violence. In Germany, two robbers chose an unique method of subduing their victim when they left a taxi driver glued to his steering wheel and escaped with 300 euros.



"America, under Bush, is a danger to the world. Bush feels that on September 11th he was anointed by God. He's leading the U.S. and the world toward a vicious circle of escalating violence."
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Chicken heads, a bamboo pole and a boat. There's a country and western song in there somewhere.

No, it's not some adolescent scavenger hunt, but it's a hunt nonetheless. Story here...



This month has not been an auspicious one of Saint Lucia. A series of un-related incidents have served to confirm my impression that we Lucians are a trifle careless with human lives.

Case in point:

Twenty-four year old Burt Norville died last Sunday from stab wounds when he failed to get care at the nation's leading hospital. Reports indicate that after a 2 hour plus wait in Casualty, because of the absence of a single doctor on call, the victim was rushed to a private facility where he died on the operating table.

The matter has landed Health Minister Damian Greaves in hot water, with calls not only for a explanation of the apparent negligence which lead to the young man's death but even his resignation. Greaves has so far deftly managed questions, saying he was awaiting a report on the incident and that it may have been a result of systemic or individual failures.

He did however do a lovely verbal tango with Star reporter Nicole McDonald.

STAR: Could you explain systemic failure?
Greaves: ...I am not saying the system failed. I am saying that if there is a system in place...we have to look at the system to make sure that protocol is followed.
STAR: We have had these problems at VH before. How come we're reviewing protocol now?
Greaves: I am not aware of what you are talking about. That has not come to me.
STAR: But you do agree that Victoria Hospital has problems which have existed for years...?
Greaves: Yes...that there are challenges we need to the system...I want to say further that when great things happen at Victoria Hospital nobody talks about it...
STAR: What great things?
Greaves: There are people who come out of Victoria Hospital and call me personally and tell me that the treatment they received...was wonderful...But of course, nobody leaves Victoria Hospital and tells anybody about those things. That does not make the news.
STAR: The hospital is supposed to save lives. What is your point?
Greaves: What I am saying is that there are things that are happening where people are treated and discharged and they do well. We focus on the negative...
STAR: Back to the report...When can we expect something from you on that?
Greaves: I really don't want to say anything too early on that because I really want to study this thoroughly.
STAR: Isn't it important that the report is evaluated urgently so the family can get some closure?
Greaves: As fast as possible and within reasonable time. Let's hope the Norville family is patient.
Read the whole interview.

That there is righteous indignation is understandable, except for the fact that this is nothing new. What is unusual is the persistent coverage; which is, in my jaundiced eyes, due to the co-incidence of Noville's birth. I am forced to query, would there have been as much outrage if the deceased had not been the son of a prominent local businessman? Would that such hell be raised when less well connected Saint Lucian sons and daughters die needlessly.

Also this month were reports that a gentleman who died as a result of gunshot wounds to the legs sustained during an arrest, the details of which are still fuzzy. The victim, according to reports, was denied timely treatment and bled out.



Zimbabwe VS West Indies- 2nd Test - 2nd Innings

West Indies: 481 & 128
Zimbabwe: 377 & 90/9 [(41.0 ov) Zimbabwe require another 143 runs with 1 wicket remaining]

This has been Tanti Merle cricket at it's best. Here's what happened on Saturday:

"West Indies started the day in confusion, crumbling to 128 all out, but finished with fierce determination, and now need only to turn up on the final morning to wrap up this topsy-turvy match. Zimbabwe, on the other hand, began with brilliance and finished in ignominy, surrendering their earlier advantage to collapse to 90 for 9."Read More...

In other cricket news, the scheduled England 2004 tour of Zimbabwe is starting to look sketchy. ICC President,Ehsan Mani, has admitted that the body is unable to sanction teams who withdraw from touring commitments.

5 Ninjas, 1 Kitten and a Fifth of Vodka!