Monday, December 08, 2003

THOU SHALT NOT - embroider the truth or LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE!

The Dubya Administration's been a miserable failure at keeping facts straight.

Even if you let 'em off the hook for the faux turkey and the British Airways/Air Force One conversation that didn't happen; there's the small matter of what happened in Samarra. The 'official' account is that most of the 54 Iraqis who were killed, and the many more who were shot up, were insurgents. The problem?

"...the Iraqi police claim there are only 8 dead- two of them an elderly Iranian couple who had come on a pilgrimage to a religious site in Samirreh. There were only 8 corpses found after the battle and the police say that not a single one of the corpses was in fida'ieen clothes. So where did the other bodies go? Iraqi forces don't have them and American forces don't have them- as far as anyone knows… did they just disappear?

People from the area claim that the American troops had losses too. Most people believe that the big number of dead was thrown out in order to legitimatize the 'collateral damage', i.e. the civilians, like the Iranian tourists and the dozens who were injured and had nothing to do with it. If 54 are dead, then the extra 8 innocents who died won't really matter when one looks at the 'bigger picture'.

Read more at Baghdad Burning.

On a happier note, they've found the WMDs.



Spanish woman held for two and a half hours without ransom by pay phone. The anti-theft system took issue with her attempt to retrieve her change.



When in Cambodia, beware the pyromaniacal pigs!



Riot breaks out at Sierra Leone's national stadium over substitution of a pair of local dwarf comedians for "out-of-town midget duo". At last count; 30 arrested, dozens injured and massive property damage.

5 Ninjas, 1 Kitten and a Fifth of Vodka!