Wednesday, March 10, 2004


In response to a certain post at a certain blog about how very jejune it is to, amongst other things, post quiz results. (I'm not being diplomatic. I've forgotten where I saw the offending scribble. Getting on in years, don't you know. Ah, wait. Hang on a tic, it's here!)

You are Wrath/Anger!
Wow... who got you so mad huh ?? You have serious
anger issues!! with a rage that seems somewhat
deadly, and a temper that is easily raised, you
are by far the scariest sin. You tend to let
the little things get to you, and are stressed
fairly easily - and woe be it to any of your
enemies. On the positive side, you're
independent, powerful and a definite leader, if
you could just control your moods!
Congratulations on being the toughest!! ...and the
most independent of all the 7 deadly sins!

?? Which Of The Seven Deadly Sins Are You ??
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This Blog, AKA Morpheus is a Briton (Who knew?) with serious anger management issues not unlike an earthquake; yet dark, mysterious and unforgettable.

Heh, this is as close as this Blog's getting to a therapist couch!


"...Oh ... Oh Mother, I can feel the soil falling over my head
See, the sea wants to take me
The knife wants to slit me
Do you think you can help me?
Sad veiled bride, please be happy
Handsome groom, give her room
Loud, loutish lover, treat her kindly
(Though she needs you
More than she loves you)
And I know it's over - still I cling
I don't know where else I can go
Over and over and over and over
Over and over, la ..."

I Know It's Over - The Smiths
This came in NO.1 in the BBC 6 Music The Songs That Saved Your Life poll. Morrissey should get an OBE or something.



Not really the best angle to view this marvel from, but still...

The adolescent in me is titillated by "The Bovine Rectal Palpation Simulator". Enough said.



Yep, another quiz.

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