Thursday, March 18, 2004


You've got to say this much for the Windies, they don't just lose, they lose impressively. I'm trying to let it slide, to be philosophical. Heck I'd have been delusional to have expect them to harken back to the glory days of Lloyd and Richards, what with the injuries, re-building and all of that. Logie is stoic. Lara is sorry. Again. (Getting tired, that.) But, but, but... Hell. No, I'm hopping mad. Give a girl a break, all out for 47 is hard to swallow. Just how long is this re-building supposed to take? What are we erecting here, the freaking Taj Mahal?

And then there is the little matter of the party scandal. You heard me! While Windies' victims fans mulled over various forms of seppuku, the boys were feting in a reggae stand; prompting the WICB to do the unthinkable, apologise. Team Manager Ricky Skeritt went further, "I am disgusted at the thoughtlessness and shamelessness displayed by these players following such an horrific performance," he said.

Quite right, and that goes triple for me. Enough with the understanding and excuses. Time to give these slackers some tough love. And if all else fails there's always obeah.
"Dis is de fif’ time, Ness – de fif’ time – in recent years dat de West Indies get massacrete in a Tes’ match or a One-Day international wid Lotto scores – 54 twice, 61, 51 an’ now 47. Duh bes’ do like some politicians when elections near an’ fin’ a good obeah-man to help dem, wuh yuh seh?"
Good luck with the translation.

PS: The Second Test starts tomorrow in Trinidad. Can't wait to see what exotic manner of humiliation they're planning for us. Which puts me in the mind of HOW TO DO THINGS WITH FOUR-LETTER WORDS - A study of the semantics of swearing in Australia by Angus Kidman.



Somehow I've got a feeling that alot of people don't get this joke. Behold, "Jesus Dress Up"!

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But after seeing the Jesus sports action figurines, Jesus Dress Up doesn't seem nearly as bad as it ought to.

Keep away...Swing batter, batter...
Pacifist Jesus





And in an attempt to salvage whatever class this blog has left, Japanese art from the Edo Period:


5 Ninjas, 1 Kitten and a Fifth of Vodka!