Tuesday, April 20, 2004


Stop the presses!
"men and women have a fundamentally different relationship between arousal and desire...The brain is the crucial sexual organ in a woman,"
So many eggheads, so few smarts.


Sometimes even Mother Nature gets a little bored and feels the urge to 'just try something new'.

Four week old white zebra baffles park rangers.


Bye bye injections?
BioMed Central - "The technique, called microscission, uses a stream of gas to bombard small areas of the skin with tiny crystals of inert aluminium oxide. The sharp particles remove the rough surface-layer of the skin, and create tiny holes, known as microconduits, in the underlying layers of the skin. The crystals and loosened skin are taken away with the gas flow. The whole process takes less than 20 seconds."


Your Superhero Persona by couplandesque
Your Name
Superhero NameThe Bankruptcy Lawyer
Super PowerIncredible Stamina
EnemyThe Cheating Boyfriend
Mode Of TransportationCity Bus
WeaponVinyl Records
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

A lawyer!? Evil meme...


Can you tell the difference between Dubya-babble and Quayle-prattle? Who said this?
"The Civil War was the best war we've ever had because when you're fighting with yourself, you're always going to win."
Take the DubyaSpeak quiz. It's harder than you think.

5 Ninjas, 1 Kitten and a Fifth of Vodka!