Monday, April 19, 2004


You know the world is coming to an end when Khadafi starts making sense.
"Saddam's fall has not brought terrorism to an end...Far from it; it has found a bigger opportunity to flourish...The Al-Qaeda network did not exist before in Iraq, and now it is there, along with the renegades..."


You might have a problem, or two, if your resumé reads like this:
Education: B.S., ECON., 1952, U. OF PA., Philadelphia, PA.
LL.B., 1955. Yale Law School, New Haven, CT.

Experience: 1955-1970, lawyer, Dallas, Texas.

Reason for Leaving: Unlawful interference by the FBI.

Health: I suffered a nervous breakdown as a result of unlawful harassment by the FBI. Where ever I go the local politicians and police work with the FBI to harass me. In essence, all levels of government operate like Washington.


Squirrels gone wild:

Inadvertent kink?

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The 10 Email Directives by way of theUniversal Church of the Interactive Network

  1. Thou shalt not spam

  2. Thou shalt not believe everything on thy screen

  3. Thou shalt be wary of the urban myth

  4. Thou shalt use thy spellchecker

  5. Thou shalt think before thou sends

  6. Thou shalt not burden thy brother with superfluous attachments

  7. Thou shalt be prompt

  8. Thou shalt exercise brevity of text

  9. Thou shalt exercise restraint in the use of emoticons, for they are the most holy of textual expressions

  10. Thou shalt learn and use universally acceptable acronyms, as all others are an abomination


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