Sunday, April 18, 2004

UPDATE - Laporte returns to TechTV

All hail the power of bitching!

Leo Laporte
I'm very pleased to say that thanks to your overwhelming show of support and to a strong desire on both our parts to come to an agreement, TechTV has improved its offer and I've decided to climb back aboard the good ship Call for Help.


Alternative breakup techniques...
Girls Are Pretty - "The last guy who broke up with you brought a dozen donuts with him when he did it. He was good enough to come to your apartment to do it, and he called ahead to let you know by his tone that he was coming over to do it, which is cool."
My, how civilised. That went a good deal better than the last time this Blog got dumped.


On the subject of the Bush Administration's war on pornography; this Blog presents, John Ashcroft In Porn -

Click for bigger version
John Ashcroft Mosaic comprised of wee nekid ladies as swiped from Hublog


Gene Ray on reactions to his Theory Of Everything and the Time Cube:
"My wisdom so antiquates known knowledge, that a psychiatrist examining my behavior, eccentric by his academic single corner knowledge, knows no course other than to judge me schizoprenic. In today's society of greed, men of word illusion are elected to lead and wise men are condemned. You must establish a Chair of Wisdom to empower Wise Men over the stupid intelligentsia, or perish."
Oh and, PS, math is fiction.


It's Not RealEzy - "When life gives you lemons, place a slice of peel into your glass of Vodka and hope it goes away."


The Donuts Hate You...(Odd that, 'cause I love them.)

The donuts hate you

5 Ninjas, 1 Kitten and a Fifth of Vodka!