Wednesday, April 27, 2005

50 things to eat...

I found this list by way of The Ministry Blog, which was compiled last year by the BBC, of the "top 50 things everyone should try a bite of in their lifetime". Omnivorous by nature, I've sampled all except those which are underlined, and am struck by how many are regular fare in the Caribbean.
    1. Fresh fish. Well nigh impossible not to eat fresh fish if you’re from the Caribbean.
    2. Lobster - I’ve had this a few times, each time a monumental let down. Why does everything seem yummier on the Food Network?
    3. Steak - Ack. I’m not big on large cuts of meat.
    4. Thai food - That’s kind of vague.
    5. Chinese food - I once had a lovely Chinese gentlemen (and kick arse cook) thank my then room mate and me profusely for helping put his children through school. Szechwan pepper beef … Hmmm…
    6. Ice cream - ‘Nuff said.
    7. Pizza - ‘Nuff said.
    8. Crab - See Lobster.
    9. Curry - I’m guessing they meant curried dishes of which there are many. Hard to imagine a world without curried something.
    10. Prawns
    11. Moreton Bay Bugs - Apparently a variety of Australian lobster.
    12. Clam chowder - The first dish I ever attempted solo. Now, while I admit to substituting evaporated milk for cream, I still contend that there was something amuck with the recipe. The paternal unit refused to go anywhere near it. Come to think of it, so did the cat.
    13. Barbecues - Barbecued what?
    14. Pancakes
    15. Pasta - Oh come on, that’s like just tossing the word ‘bread’ onto the list. While we’re at it, ‘rice’!
    16. Mussels
    17. Cheesecake – Sheer unmitigated joy.
    18. Lamb - Greasy
    19. Cream tea - Is this something British?
    20. Alligator
    21. Oysters – Generally good if fresh. If not, report to the nearest emerge’.
    22. Kangaroo
    23. Chocolate – Certifiable chocoholic.
    24. Sandwiches - Let’s get specific here.
    25. Greek food - Can we say ‘Baklava rocks’?
    26. Burgers
    27. Mexican food - What’s not to like?
    28. Squid - See Octopus.
    29. American diner breakfast - I hear this is also known as a heart attack on a plate. I thankfully didn’t make it through mine which is probably why I’m still with the living.
    30. Salmon - A little delicate for my palette, but quite useful when cured.
    31. Venison - A Canuck friend once told me it tasted gamy, whatever that means.
    32. Guinea pig - Oh dear.
    33. Shark - Grilled shark steak with lemon butter sauce and fresh rosemary. Very nice.
    34. Sushi - I’ve had a few sushi misadventures but still keep going back for more.
    35. Paella - The real stuff is quite good but can’t hold a candle to the East Caribbean Pélaw.
    36. Barramundi - What’s this? Sound’s vaguely Aussie.
    37. Reindeer - I’m not sure how I feel about eating Donner and Blitzen.
    38. Kebab
    39. Scallops - Yum. Especially when kebabed.
    40. Australian meat pie - Which means what? Mystery meat?
    41. Mango - There’s a mango variety out there for everyone.
    42. Durian fruit - I’m googling this as you read.
    43. Octopus - I’ve had it done several ways, including by my maternal unit, all quite good.
    44. Ribs
    45. Roast beef
    46. Tapas - This is reason enough for me to visit Spain.
    47. Jerk chicken/pork - Like with most spicy Caribbean dishes, a cast iron stomach is required for proper enjoyment.
    48. Haggis - I have issues with the concept.
    49. Caviar - Been there, did that, no need to repeat.
    50. Cornish pasty - I once spotted something claiming to be a Cornish pasty. It seemed a wee bit dodgy.
Via The Ministry Blog

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