Tuesday, April 12, 2005

First cricket diplomacy now this...

We hit them with cricket bats and golf clubs and the like...Back then things were a bit different, most kids had a slug gun or an air rifle and we'd get stuck into them with that sort of stuff.
Australian Federal Liberal MP David Tollner - on cane toad eradication.

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Meanwhile back at the ranch…

Now that Windies’ Digicel sponsorship spat seems to have gone the way most controversies do in the region (i.e. limp away into unresolved forgetfulness), we can all focus on what’s important, i.e. trying to actually win a Test Series. The 1st test ended with a tiresome draw but the 2nd has shaped up to be absorbing stuff.

Highlights so far:
    - Chanderpaul’s 1st Innings attempted auto-vasectomy
    - Lara’s new record as the Windies batsman with the most Test centuries
    - An unpredictable pitch which had been dubbed ‘two faced’ by a certain British commentator
    - Ralph’s, grounds man extraordinaire, entertaining tumble
    - Infuriatingly steady play from the South Africans
    - Extreme booty shaking from both the Carib Beer and the Digicel Girls (which incidentally is doing nothing for me)

Clickez Ici, for the latest score.

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