Saturday, April 09, 2005

I mean, really...

Anyone whose read my blog for an extended period would know two things. Firstly, that I'm not nice and secondly, that I have this thing about the need to protect the gene pool. If we'd been more vigilent as a species then certain people would have never survived childhood, let alone gotten near major political office.

So I'm poking about yesterday and trip over this headline:
Man tried to convert lions to Christianity

My reaction was immediate and predictable. "I hope they bit his crazy arse," I groused.

Of course I was suitably contrite about 5 seconds later. Imagine wishing harm upon an obviously deranged individual. Shocking.
Raising his hands above his head, he shouted: "Jesus will save you!" and "Come bite me!" at the two African lions.

And now for a bit o' housekeeping. Are you using IE? Are you noticing any random weirdness in this page's right hand column? Inexplicable text/link jumping, disappearing, etc? If so, please let me know. Or else I'll assume everything's copacetic.

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