Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Spam, spam, spam, spam...

Last night, somewhere between notifications that I was US$1.5M richer and offers for cheap Viagra, I received this:

Neateye [] to me

Call out Gouranga be happy!!!
Gouranga Gouranga Gouranga ....
That which brings the highest happiness!!

Say what? Was this spam, Mishka or YS being cute again? Let it be known, I have some whackadoodle friends, so this sort of oddity would be well up their alley.

Thing is, it worked. Yup, I was so busy chuckling, running anti-virus scans (can't be too careful these days), and googling the word 'gouranga' that I was able to completely distract myself from the latest on the Windies sponsorship flap. Although, reading about Dubya's devastating sex appeal might have also helped.

5 Ninjas, 1 Kitten and a Fifth of Vodka!