Friday, May 06, 2005

Life's simple pleasures…

Anyone who’s visited this blog more than once knows at least two things; that this is hardly the place for serious debate and that I rarely share specifics about myself, cricket rants not withstanding. I will, however, share this; I don’t get sport hunting and/or fishing.

Don’t bother leaving comments slamming me for my leftist PETA-esque tendencies or extolling the virtues of the great outdoors and a high-powered rifle. Any scenario involving Dorna in the wilds with a semi-automatic weapon (for sporting purposes only) can have only one result; that of her succumbing to a self-inflicted gun shot wound while violently defending herself from killer bugs. Sorry, it’s of no use; I'm firmly of the “if you don't need it to survive leave the frelling animal alone” camp; which means I find the following hilarious:

In homage to Bert and Ernie’s "Heeeere fishy fishy fishy!" bit; an Aussie fisherman, of the recreational ilk, gets decked by a 1.5m mackerel.
"I remember it coming out the water and the next thing I knew I'm in the back of the boat winded, trying to get my breath…I remember thinking `What am I doing back here and how come I can't breathe?',"
And for good measure:

Ah yes, good times.

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